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Our new Careers Guides are here

Watch our two exciting new WOW Show programmes about careers in the NHS designed for home schooling – and beyond.

Our Careers Guides aim to give students a real encounter and insight to what it means to take up a career and become part of the army of Allied Health Professionals in the NHS who make a real difference to people’s lives.

The WOW Show video guides take students behind the scenes to learn from near peers who are making their way in these valuable careers – and to hear directly from them about the pathways they took, what the job is really like, and what the opportunities are for the future. 

These two guides focus on careers as a Therapeutic Radiographer and a Podiatrist.
(Click on the images to view the videos.)


In order to provide a valuable home schooling experience for KS3, KS4 and KS5 students, the videos are supported by a special package of materials authored by VotesforSchools in collaboration with the Society of Radiographers and College of Podiatry.

Each package consists of the following:

    • Guidance notes – a short (2-slide) guide sets out the subject links, skills, and learning intentions covered by these Career Guides and provides explanatory notes about the resources and how they are designed to fit with home schooling. We have prepared these notes for each of the two Career Guides and for each of KS3, KS4, and KS5.
    • Explanatory notes for students which explain each item and how they should be used and what the students are expected to complete
    • A home learning support pack for students with tips and guidance about studying at home
    • A full PowerPoint lesson for the students to follow with detailed progression and further information links
    • An interactive journal for the students to record reflections and questions and bring back to their teacher when schools re-open 
    • A certificate has also been prepared by the NHS to accompany each Career Guide that teachers can print out and give to students as an acknowledgement of participation when students return to school. It can be added to the student’s CV, or personal statement and will be evidence to potential employers of the student’s interest and attainment.

The overall package is aimed at supporting schools and Careers Leaders and contributes to them achieving Gatsby Benchmarks 2, 4, 5 & 6. 

Download the resources here:

Guidance notes for teachers + NHS Certificate of Participation 

Zip File 1 – Podiatry KS3 students
Zip File 2 – Podiatry KS4 students
Zip File 3 – Podiatry KS5 students

Zip File 4 – T. Radiographer KS3 students
Zip File 5 – T. Radiographer KS4 students
Zip File 6 – T. Radiographer KS5 students 

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