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Each film is supported with a comprehensive package of labour market information lesson materials covering KS3, KS4, KS5 and SEND students. 
Watch the films. Get the LMI lesson resources.
Buckinghamshire LMI Lessons

The labour market information (LMI) lesson resources are available here:

Oxfordshire LMI Lessons

The following labour market information (LMI) lesson resources, developed in association with VotesforSchools and The WOW Show, are available to download in pdf format. There is a lesson plan and a lesson to use with students in the classroom for each group of students, as well as a general lesson on LMI.

General LMI lesson
Year 7 LMI lesson
Year 7 LMI lesson plan
Year 8 LMI lesson
Year 8 LMI lesson plan
Year 9 LMI lesson
Year 9 LMI lesson plan
Year 10 LMI lesson
Year 10 LMI lesson plan
Year 11 LMI lesson
Year 11 LMI lesson plan
Key Stage 5 LMI lesson
Key Stage 5 LMI lesson plan
SEND LMI lesson black on white
SEND LMI lesson white on black
SEND LMI lesson plan

If you are a school in the Oxfordshire network and would like a PowerPoint version of the resources, please contact your Enterprise Coordinator. 

If you are looking for resources from our previous shows then you can find them on the teachers page by clicking here